Friday, 15 July 2011

GRRRLS LONGBOARD CREW in Carving the Mountains

I met two lovely ladies at Birmingham zine fest, Jessica and Kate, the latter who is the only grrrl in Brum to play bike polo! They told me about this sick video...and just emailed me the link. So here it is, and it's fucking awesome! Check the grrrl in the bright orange top! :)


VICTORIA said...

This is soooooo fun, you know the cycle paths around brintons park? I long boarded down them :P sick video with fancy footwork :P

VICTORIA said...

did you not get my previous comment? I went on a long board on the cycle paths around brintons park. was funnn fun funn! :P

AK said...

Heey my best friend is part of that longboard crew now! She's not on this vid since she just joined but ye those girls can rip!