Tuesday, 24 September 2013

La revedere

I am off to Bacau this evening, so La revedere (goodbye in Romanian) until the end of 2013!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The time is near - Going to Romania on 25th September

So, here it is...

Clowning around, spring time in the village... yes, I'll have to wear a ridiculous wig and silly socks too!
After many many months of fundraising, preparation and getting well shit scared, I am off to the Bacau region of Romania at the end of this month (very early on 25th September, to be precise!)

If I stayed out there for my original plan of 3 months, it would make my return on Christmas day! In my head, as it stands, I intend to stay for 10 weeks, bringing me to the middle of December. I have currently raised enough funds for 8 weeks at £435. If I stay for only 8 weeks, then that is still a great achievement and I'll go home pretty damn stoked! If I do stay the whole 10 weeks and not be able to raise the remaining £165, then I will pay for that myself.
Everyone getting creative and messy! Can't wait to get involved!
If you've read some of my previous posts, you'll know this already, but if not...
I will be doing all sorts of creative mischievousness and fun shenanigans with the kids there, plus outreach work with surrounding marginalised groups in different villages and centre's in the Bacau region. The way it works is that, Ash Perrin, the Seagull ringleader (such an awesome man!) will see how I do with the long hard hours of fun, madness and creative chaos and then coming back to the accommodation in the cold night, with no running water or central heating... having to chop wood for the fire, fetch water from the well for drinking, cooking and washing (not much of that will happen!) and still have a smile on my face and not get grouchy with others! It is gonna be pretty hardcore! Think of it as a trial period for 4 weeks. I have absolutely no qualms, however, that I won't be able to stick it out for the whole 10 weeks :)

Anyway, that's a lot of writing. Thank you for reading up until now. I'm gonna leave a links to the Spring Carnival Art Fair, which I have and will continue to endevour to update (internet is pretty sketchy out there) with the goings on of the FSP Rural Arts Centre, as well as the Flying Seagull site itself, and my Just Giving page, if you so wish to donate any money to the cause.

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