Thursday, 26 November 2015

INDIA 2016

Hi Folks!

As some of you may already know, I have been involved with The Flying Seagull Project for a few years now; fundraising, being part of events and volunteering with them in Romania on two occasions... spreading joy and laughter across the land! You can view previous posts to see what I have gotten up to in the past.

Flying Seagull Project website -

The time has come around again to don my stripy socks and face paint and step the energy and fun up a notch as I join the Seagulls once more, yet this time in India!

Stripy socks and painted faces galore on the tightrope! (A previous volunteering trip with FSP)

I will be joining the clowning troupe in the Kolkata area of the country (North East nearing the border of Bangladesh) for a month – in March 2016 to be exact – to perform in circus shows, provide dance, music and circus workshops to impoverished and marginalised communities across the land.  All we’re after is smiles and laughter!

However, there is an extra twist in this magical tale…

In recent months, I have set up Brash Skate and Create: a non-profit organisation providing skateboarding and art sessions for children, young people and adults throughout the UK and abroad.

Running Skateboard lessons for children

Brash Skate and Create Website -

Flying from Heathrow to Kolkata requires a change at Mumbai and I thought what a wonderful idea it would be to stop off in Mumbai for a week to deliver skateboarding and art to the kids there that need it most, before heading on to Kolkata!

Running zine-making workshops with children at a British Summer festival

In summary:
I will fly to Mumbai during the last week of February to teach skateboarding and make art with the local Indian children there and on March 1st, fly onto Kolkata, and join the Seagulls entertaining children there, until March 29th. Rad!

And how exactly do you plan on doing this I hear you ask?!

Currently, I have a Just Giving page set up where kind donations can be made. This page is set up to raise money for the following things:
£500 for the charity (FSP)

I am already receiving some assistance for flights as I will be travelling with British Airways at a discounted price due to having a BA Air Steward as a sister. Thank you Vicky! There will obviously still be a cost involved.

Not only will I be asking for kind donations, but I will also be putting on some exciting fundraising events at the beginning of February here in my new location of Norwich!

Further to that, I will be needing skateboards, art materials plus a massive suitcase to take all equipment to Mumbai in, but more info on that later.

Please feel to get in touch: and follow me on instagram for further updates at @harrietalana and @brashskateandcreate

Please keep your eyes and ears peeled for more updates.

Thank you :)

A 'selfie' with Roma children on a previous FSP trip to Romania