Tuesday, 30 November 2010

OUT OF STOCK spread the word

OUT OF STOCK - A Stockwell Skatepark Exhibition

Featuring: French, Fos, Lovenskate, Wig Worland, Adam Johns, James Thompson, Martyn Thomas, Alban Connell, Craig Scott, Alana, Lawrence Ferguson, Ngusucker, Alexander Bartsch, Tim Tutak, Tristan Tutak, Solo One, Tizer, Shucks One, Nik Jones, Eyefeelsick, Mylon Domican, Thomas Slater, Kyle Platts (Earth Pain), Scott Madill, Jamie Arghh!, Alex Irvine, Stevan Shanks, Vaughan Baker, Alan Christensen, Winstan Whitter, Gorm, Oscar Murray, Chris Johnson, Matt Gold, Bob Smith, Jonny Haywire, Ross Gilbert, Adrian Downie & Tony.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Aberdeen Ladies Art show Prints

So here are two of the three prints i sent up to Scotland. FIVER IF YOU WANT ONE (blossompossom@hotmail.com)
Saw some footage of the Ladies skateboard series and those gals are so fucking dope. well bummed out i didn't get my lazy arse at least to Manchester (some sick video footage below) ...I am progressing with the ol' skateboarding tho so I should just give it a go at one of these competions. I dunno. Deffo go support the cause and rep the ladies even if i am shit and make a twat of myself. Well it doesn't matter anyway now as I've gone and rolled my ankle innit! First time as well, so proper feeling sorry myself. Well at least I can say this is a proper skateboard injury as I was trying rock 'n' rolls on the quarter at Stockwell and I've never tried them before. I was proper going for it as well 'cos I was being filmed....another first. No paint no gain I guess. C'mon harriet, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Go to bed and wake up tomorrow feeling refreshed :)

More Skateboarding Videos

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Check this little photo reel out guys! Features my work with a load of other talented arty lady shredders! Bummed out I wasn't organised enough/have enough money to go up there, but stoked my prints made their way to Scotland :) Will post up individual images of my prints soon. They are a fiver each if anyone wants one. Email me: blossompossom@hotmail.com


so stoked :)

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Thursday, 4 November 2010

"Queequeg's Head" Comicbook

This is a comic I made on the Risograph Printer for a uni project 'Fiction.' I was meant to illustrate a book (Moby Dick) but instead I went off on my won weird little creative spiel and made my own story up instead, loosely based on the epic novel. It was such a shit to make, but here is the front page, back page and a page of the comic itself in all it's garish, mis-registered glory! I am selling copies for a fiver if anyone is interested.

Supersonic 2010

Last weekend (well it was when I first tried to upload this shit onto my blog, but my internet was being gay) I went to Supersonic in Birmingham, like I have done for the past 5 years now! It is the best festival ever because it is the only festival I know of that the whole line up is actually good! And if you don't have to camp! The Ideal ramp is also open through part of the festival and what could be better than DOOM THRASHING, NOISE GRINDING, DRONE SHREDDING live music and skateboarding! (didn't actually get on the ramp that much due to lots of kids snaking). This year I probably knew the least on the line up than any other year so over half of what i saw, i had never actually heard before, but is was so so sick just experiencing new live music that I will no doubt endeavor to get hold of :) Here are some shit photos I took...

Tweak Bird

Really Lovely front man (Rick Tomlinson) from VOTST (Voice of the Seven Thunders)
Steve Shelley in the band (Neu!) Hallogallo
Peter Broderick...he got made us made a space for him and got in the middle and played his fiddle! He was absolutly awesome, and such a polite fellow as well!
And again, but on stage this time

My friend Log's band, Health and Efficiency. So fucking rad! well done guys
The mighty Justin Broderick from Godflesh. So gutted i missed Napalm Death play on the first night :(
Sexy Rad lady with mad music skills from Factory Floor.
And again, she had the best fringe I'd seen in a long time