Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Santa's Christmas Shred!

Here is the poster for a skate comp I've organised for the kids at work.

Merry Christmas to everyone at Mile End skate park and Parlour skate store! :)

Thanks to Bryce and Carl for helping out and to Joe Sivell and Josh Cox for being my judging elves! 

And well done to everyone that participated, it was fun watching you all!

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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Brash on People of Print

The lovely Marcroy, of People of Print, put up this about me/Brash:

Thursday, 8 November 2012

'The Art of Rolling' exhibition

The Art of Rolling is a new exhibition featuring artwork from skateboarders and those influenced by rolling, with all proceeds going to sending out skateboards to Gaza and helping promote positive activities and practical skills such as ramp building.

It opens  FRIDAY 16TH NOVEMBER, 5pm-10pm, 29-31 Oxford Street, London, for three days and the second show in Brighton later on in the month.

To raise much needed funds for Skatejam, in particular the first international campaign Skate 4 Life in Gaza, Palestine, scheduled to take place in December 2012, we are running an art show in Oxford Street, London and sale/auction of art in November 2012.

Super super stoked to be involved (Brash zine will feature!)... and to be amongst some of my friends and amazing artists, partaking in what looks to be an awesome show, including Chris Bourke, James 'Horse' Hall, Stuart Kolakovic, Rich de Courcy, French, Craig Scott, Dan Singer, Jack Lammas and Matt Bromley.

Check out these links:


Thursday, 1 November 2012

When in Romania







A lonely traveller ventured to Romania during late autumn-time, in search of Vlad Tepes and to make some sense of her tiny irrelevant life.  This is what she found...

The lands of Transilvania and Wallachia stand glorious with pink peaked mountains glimmering during evening-time, and luscious forests bursting with golden shades of ochre, crimson and cadium as the sun shines through... hiding many secrets and creatures as great the god of fire goes down and the depths of night sky creeps over the land. It is like nothing you've ever seen before; darkest hues of navy as a velvet blanket over the land to the cries of the children of the night. The only light is the beacon of the half moon... or the shining diamonds that tell those who believe about their past, present and future.

Towns such as Sighasora and Sibiu are brimming full of majestic architecture, a melting pot of Eastern and Western European design, from the medieval era through to the Victorian period.

Rural areas still practice traditional ways of living and farming, many households keeping cattle, pigs, sheep, foul and horses on their land, still using these beasts with carts. Romanians work hard and barely have enough money to put bread on the table. Many of these wonderful, hospitable people could never  travel further than their own land. Why would they want to?