Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Ok everyone, Brash is finally finished and ready for all you dudes and dudettes to purchase...makes great bedtime reading! A screen-printed, risographed, photocopied, pull-out postered, skateboard-documenting, arty extravaganza featuring Bunny Bissoux, Georgie Winter, Kyle Platts, Brigid Deacon, Callum Abbot, Horse Zine James, Craig "Questions' Scott and more.

I am going to sell them at £2.50 in person (or zine fairs and the like) or £3.00 including p+p if you don't live near me. (I need to sort my paypal out first or you can send a cheque). Please email me on blossompossom@hotmail.com

Ziney goodness!!

Example of zine to be posted

Monday, 7 February 2011

BRASH ZINE (not quite done yet though)

Brash Issue 2 is well on it's way people. It is not finished to the standard that I want it to be, but i had to give in 10 copies for assessment today and these are the pics of that...I didn't even staple most of them together!

They will look like this and you will be able to choose your copy from an assortment of different screen-printed covers. Inside features your 'traditional' methods of photocopying along with some risograph-printed pages. This is the bit i have struggled with to get done this week because getting on the Risograph printing machine has been like a very fat person getting on the busiest bus ever! No fear though, this week should be pretty quiet at college so I hope to get it done very soon.

Sneaky peek of some of the content.

So, even though they're not ready yet, but you would like to be on the waiting list for a copy of Brash issue 2, please email me on blossompossom@hotmail.com and we will sort something out. I'm not sure how much they will be yet, but I will put a post up soon about that, along with a post when they're completely done. Enough posts for today... phew!


So I've finally changed my 7.75" Death deck for a second-hand 8" and last night I gave zine-making a rest and created a monster...

Book Binding

On Friday, I did a book-binding workshop at college and these pictures show the result. It's only a sketchbook, but I'm pretty stoked and want to give it to my sister for her 18th birthday on Wednesday, seeing as I accidentally gave her a shit sketchbook for Christmas. I can't 'cos I had to give it in for assessment today. Gutted.

Stuck in my cave

I have been stuck in my room the past week, hard at work making Brash 2. It has been hellish because i have been indoors most of the time and with a cold too! However, I got a lot done and feel super productive :)

The saturday before this hellish cold fevery week however, I did enter that girls comp at the Pioneer skate Jam and it was so fucking rad. I ate shit many times, didn't land a single trick (not even the ones I can actually do) but it was so worth it... best day in a long time, and an event involving a turtle shaped board and a Death rider made a great story for the comic in Brash. Result!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Stockumentary teaser featuring... ME!

Have literally just discovered this now!
I did an interview last week when 'Out of Stock' organisers Toby Renton and Nik Jones came to my gaf and grilled me on all things art and skateboard based... exciting stuff guys! And I don't come across as a complete dick either... result! Go on, have a giggle :)