Tuesday, 27 April 2010



This is what I did today. Some drawings put together using Dragon to create a manic farting machine!

Monday, 26 April 2010


I have just finished drawing a new skateboarding zine and this is the front cover and a page from it. I am thinking about charging for these ones as there will be a poster (a well thought out drawing) on the other side when you open it out. The price will only be around 20p though so hassle me for one!

Talking of zines, I have literally just been handed this lovely lil creation from SPT. Stoked! If you see Kyle Platts (megaskull.blogspot.com) or Sam Taylor (sptdrawing.blogspot.com) about, buy one of these from them...it will make you laugh out loud! :D

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Couldn't be more different

I watched two very good films recently.

City of Men, which I bought ages ago after watching City of God. A beautifully made film with a brilliant cast and musical score. Some of the scenes made me fell really summery with the heat of the hot Brazilian sun radiating from the screen and how lush the sea of la playa looks However, it is full of death, hatred and misery due to the upset of the gang warfare in these favelas.

And then Rosie lent me this the night before. Short and sweet. How the most unlikely couple meet, and their fun times together. A very funny film, the way Harold's mother tries in desperation to stop him from killing himself over and over, I found hilarious :)

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Sunny Stoke

My Easter holidays were rad as I skated a fair bit, particularly the friday and saturday just gone at the Ideal ramp in Brum and the skate plaza in toke-on-Trent cheers Zombie, Craig and co!) A lot of time spent waiting for trains as well, but did these quick lil doodles to entertain myself.

I suppose I'd better...

...put up some uni work! Here are some drawings I have done over the Easter holiday for my next brief. Eventually I will be making an animation on 'Le Petomane' a french professional farter who performed at the Moulin Rouge during the late 19th century. He had an extraordinary talent in that he was able to "inhale" air through his rectum and then release it making all sorts of glorious noise, imitating anything from a virgin bride's nervousness before her wedding night to various wind instruments.

I've looked at other things to do with the era of 'Le Petomane' such as Art Nouveau and victorian fashion and photography, but what has interested me most is tattooed ladies. I stumbled upon a great book in Kidderminster library about the history of the tattooed lady and found some extraordinary imagery. Unfortunately, the book was on my mum's library card and Kidderminster now have it back. I fully intend on buying this book.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Ed and Deanna Templeton

I've just had a sick weekend, infact one of the best weekends I can remember.

Friday: After travelling to Milton Keynes to meet up with Georgie for a skate and to support her teaching girls (and me!) to skate, I headed back down to London. A rad lil' evening sesh at favourite spot Stockwell, then bed, a good night's rest for the raddest day to come.

Saturday: I went to the Ed Templeton 'Drinking the Kool-Aid' show, an exhibition with a load of his awesome photographs. After having a look round and getting butterflies in my stomach when seeing the image of Margaret Kilgallen's shadow, I headed upstairs for a book signing.

There were a few of his books for sale, all of which I want, but I brought my Beautiful Losers book for him to sign. I felt bad about this, but Ed didn't mind and made a comment expressing that he hoped people didn't feel they had to buy his books - what a dude! I then proceeded to ask him if he would draw on my arm...

Deanna, Ed's wife, is such a lovely lady. She took photos of me with both my arms, cast on the left, drawing on the right and then she gave me this tote bag from a previous show of Templeton's. You can see me modelling it in these pictures - Stoked!

Afterwards, I hung out with Sophie Allen and her friends Emma and Kate, who I met at the show. I had such a lovely afternoon with these lovely ladies and when it was home time for them I finished off my day at Stockwell before the long coach trip back to Bewdley...a happy bunny :)

*yessss i say 'lovely' a lot

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Painting my Sister's bedroom

My sister's bedroom is my temporary new workspace seeing as my room is always veyr cold and the light in there is crap. Vicky's room, on the other hand, is light, bright and empty so I have been drawing and painting in there the last few days. Today, we have started to paint her walls and below shows what I have done so far. Will keep you guys posted.