Sunday, 22 May 2011

Roll With A Crew

I did this aaaages ago as part of the 'Fact' project I did at uni. Nothing 'final' ever materialised from that project and as hard as I worked, I am ashamed to say, I gave up on this one. But anyway, i initially looked at guns, then went deep into the subject looking at gun crime and gang warfare, particularly focusing on the States. This is an image I made as part of a poster making a point that it's not actually cool to be a 'gangsta.'

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

FRESH PRINTS and Fact & Fiction show THIS SATURDAY

This is what I have in the show, it's a Fresh Print innit... Just having it framed, should look rad on the night, yeh boi!!

These are the posters, I've managed to get a few at House Gallery and Cafe (inside) and The New Gallery kindly let me put one up in their window. Also, the guy at my local corner shop let me put one up in the front window rad is that! cheers dude!

So guys...
PLEASE COME TO OUR END OF YEAR SHOW (and FRESH PRINTS club night afterwards, rasing money for our end of course external show next year)

THIS SATURDAY 6pm onwards
Amersham Arms (gallery upstairs) New Cross

I teach skateboarding

Since February I have been working at Mile End Skate Park teaching skateboarding. I have been employed by UAB, (Urban Adventure Base) a youth activity centre in Mile End. It's absolute madness as I'm still a beginner myself, but I've been employed to teach young people the basics and give them confidence with skating. I guess I'm sort of a role model for the girls that wanna start as well. WE NEED MORE GIRLS SKATING, C'MON LADIES! I absolutley love working at Mile End. Everybody from the young people to my collegues and the guys at LCB skate shop is friggin' rad, cheers guys! Here is a pic of me 'on the job.' Have a giggle....

See more photos of where I work on Nik's blog:

The guys at LCB have set up a skate club as well and we had our first meeting a couple of weeks ago and I whipped up this baby advertising the first meeting...

I met Gonz

Photo taken by Nik Jones on the day

So as of a lot of you will already know, Mark Gonzales is in town and has been for a good few weeks now. I went upto the Adidas demo at the beginning of May, met him and gave him a zine. It felt like a really awkward situation as I was really nervous (I'd thought about it too much as I went with a plan to meet him and give him a copy of Brash) and he's just socially awkward anyway.... probably fed up with people bothering him and shoving zines in his hands! Well anyway, quite a bit star-struck, but stoked all the same.

I met him again a week later at Stockwell, and because I didn't know he was gonna be there, it was a lot better. I said hi, and he told me he read my zine and liked it. Rad. I showed him my (yet to be perfected) frontside carves around the bowl and it was all cool :) Apparently, French had texted him to come down for a skate. As If!

I'm making a comic strip about my experiences meeting Mark Gonsalez. It's only in it's early stages, but it should be good...probably will feature in the next issue of Brash