Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Scout London: Arts and Culture magazine

I was asked to be the Scout London 'cover star' for a week, which entailed me drawing whatever I wanted to to fit into their logo. I chose to draw a bicycle, which is something key to getting around and seeing the city. Above is my image featured on the website.  And as from today, for one week only, you can pick up the magazine (for free!) at most London tube stations. Inside is a little profile of myself featuring some  of my other work. Will post it up when I get a copy.

Bikes are hard to draw

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

So that was Mixed Special


Private View (Thursday) ...

My drunken photography (above and below) See how busy it was ! :P

 Mixed Special artists Brigid Deacon and Lucy Towle

Interest in my work!

Sunday Market...

Biscuit decorating workshop

I made this with some help from Vicky Willmott, who was running the biscuit decorating workshop.. RAD!

 I brought my folks to see the show on Sunday. We drove down from Bewdely and parked in the tiniest multi-storey carpark ever, just up the road from the Mixed Special show. Here is my mum 'appreciating the 'view' ... ah East London, what a place!

Tuesday, when I finally took some shots of the show...

Grace Helmer

Holly Mills

Emily McCarten

Team Brigid and Harriet!

Brigid Deacon

Sunday, 1 July 2012


 It's finally here... what we've been saving up for almost 3 years now! I promise you it's gonna be good.. amazing in fact... actually, no... rad!!

I present the Camberwell Illustration external degree show... Mixed Special! I urge you to come, enjoy some awesome art, drink some beer and meet the Camberwell illo 2012 posse! :)

Visit the website before (or after) you come to the show: http://mixedspecial.com/

Skaters and animals

Just a nugget of my artwork in the mixed Special show.. private view THIS THURSDAY more bloggage to follow