Friday, 17 February 2012

Big Headed Snow in Whitstable

So, hand in over last week, I caught a train down to Whitstable to see the last day of the Big Headed show and to meet Mat and Ed for a skate. This was the view from the skatepark...

...and this was the view looking into the bowl! Mat inspecting if it was alright to (ice) skate, snow joke!

Overview of the show

Rich de Courcy

Tendai (spelling?)

Pats totem poles

My shizz

Mat and Ed

Dan Singer

Brigid Deacon

Oh and I got a tattoo of Dan's skateboard. Thanks for inking me up Mat!

Pat on the back to Pat and Rich for the show, it was raaaaad! So stoked to be a part of it and so glad I got down to see it...ven if I was roped in to helping take it down!
Well done to everybody involved! :)

Monday, 13 February 2012

New Ink (Margaret Kilgallen)

After writing my dissertation on zines, punk, riot grrrl and feminism, I found myself booking myself a tattoo of a Margaret Kilgallen drawing. Although, not looked at or even mentioned in my dissertation, Margaret Kilgallen is of huge importance and influence to me, both as an artist and as a woman. For those of you who don't know, she was an artist who believed in the touch of the human hand. All those beautifully crafted handmade shop signs that she so frequently saw inspired her greatly, and influenced the way she painted herself. She made many paintings of things including women surfing/skating, trees, nature, small shops, people, faces and hand made typography - howver 'printed' it looked, it was all done by her fingertips! (and a paintbrush!)

She painted everywhere: paper, canvas, wood, walls inside, walls outside, trains, cars, skateboards, cd covers....

She fell pregnant in 2001 and at the same time found out she had cancer. To save her baby, she refused chemotherepy and tragically passed away 2 weeks after giving birth to her child.

She will live on through her work. RIP Margaret.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

My 'Big Headed' contributions

From what I head, the Big Headed show opening night was a massive success. Unfortunately I couldn't make it, but will be heading down to Whitstable on it's last day, weather permitting! If you can, please go, it's a rad show. Above are two of my images in the show.