Thursday, 16 December 2010

Thomas Hinton in GNAR RABBIT GORE

I've just finished making a personal Chrismas card zine for my good friend, artist and Gnargore shredder Thomas Hinton. The above is a comic strip (part of the xmas zine) based on a true story...well, just a photograph I found on the Gnargore blog actually. I'm stoked that my cartoon Hinton resembles the real Hinton, even if slightly.

Junk Shop Find

Brigid went to a junk shop in Greenwich the other day and found a journal/comic from 1900!! At the back was this beauty. Thanks Brigid :) I shall be heading to that junk shop in the new year.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Are you fed up with this yet?

Yet another picture taken of me because of my 'infamous' tattoo. I met the director/Curator of New Image Art when I went to the Moniker art fair recently. She spotted me as I was walking round and started talking to me and took a photo of me. Such a lovely, lovely lady who has curated shows with Neckface, Cleon Peterson, Os Gemos,Clare Rojas, Deanna Templeton, Ed Tepmleton, Faile, and Jo Jackson to name a few.