Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Ditronics - My Warp project

Ditronics is an electric music course run by Warp to give their listeners an innovative and exciting way to experience music on the label.
The term 'Ditronics' is an amalgalation of the phrase 'Do-It-Together' and 'electronics.' The ideas behind Ditronics are that of a DIY nature, focusing on getting everyone involved and making their own music, from scratch. And learning how to do it together.
Each event will be a day long giving enough time to actually make something.
Each week could focus on something different, in a step-by-step order, building on previously learnt skills.

Potential projects for each week could include...
Soldering and making contact mics
Make simple speakers
Make synthesizers from old radios
Circuit-bend electric toys
Make your own circuits
Make Theremins
Hack effects pedals, synths, samplers...

The sessions would be led by people in this field such as Brian Duffy (Modified Toy Orchestra), Nicolas Collins and John Richards (Dirty Electronics). Each week, they would be joined by a different Warp artist.

This is what I pitched to Warp for my idea about audiences experiencing Warp's music in a innovative and exciting way. The selection of images above show an example of a zine that could be given out at each of the events, helping people do the task of the session. it would then be something that they could keep and refer back to, to make a contact mic again, for example. The idea is that they have something visual infront of them that is not necessarily a youtube video tutorial. Maybe, not everyone has laptops infront of them when they're working on projects like this.
There is also a video that I made, which I will upload soon.

Please note that this is a hypothetical event that hasn't happened and probabely (unfortunately) won't happen.

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William said...

Amazing idea. I really like it. They're mugs if they don't.