Friday, 28 May 2010

Ladies Monthly and London Zine Symposium

This weekend is Ladies monthly 4.0 which is in Liverpool. Due to uni commitments and lack of cash I, unfortunately can't make it. However, I will be there is spirit as my zines have been taken up (thanx Helena) so if your there, be on the look out for Helena, Lois or any other of the ladies handing them out!

with a poster when you unfold them (A3 size so couldn't fit is all on scanner)

And the London Zine Symposium is tomorrow at the Rag Factory, ( where this pack of my previous zines will be sold together in a pack for £1. It is a re-issue of the last 3 skate zines. The Camberwell first year illo crew have a table full of all sorts of delightful goodies for you to purchase so head on down and support us (monies go toward are final degree show...yes we are that organised!)

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