Monday, 3 May 2010

DECKADES....another great show I can tick off my list

On saturday I went to the Deckades show in Bristol and saw the raddest collection of boards ever. I was so stoked, having recognised a lot of them from books and the net, it was awesome to see them for real. As you can see below, I took an awful lot of photos...and this isnt even half of them!

just an overview


some of the new, specially commissioned boards raising money for UNICEF

for Craig

I remember seeing this one (middle) in a book and instantly loving it, I really like the deer. So stoked to see it 'in the flesh'

After the show I went to Bedminster skatepark which is a gnarly concrete park just over the Avon. The concrete there was so rough, the first thing i did was bail and slam my hand. Again. I have a permanent bruise/scar tissue lump there. I was told there was some sick bowls and a wicked snake run once, but some kids informed me they took that out years ago 'cos a kid got seriously injured there once. Despite this, it is still a rad place, even though there wasn't many skaters when I went, I was just chillin' with the kids! There were, however, a few graffiti artist doing there thing (shitloads of awesome graf in Bristol) but unfortunately, I took up all my memory space taking photos at Deckades!

Oh look! I just found a photo of part of Bedminster skatepark on the net, take a peek.


A Cook said...

lol at banana.

Charlotte said...

were you at dean lane? or motion

Alana said...

yeh i was at dean lane skate park on saturday...what's motion?

Sketchboard said...

I grew up skating Bedminster skatepark (otherwise known as Dame emily Smyth, or Dean Lane skatepark) It was sooo much fun back then and it was such a shame when they destroyed the old layout. I'd seen lots of tours there through the 80's, Natas, Dressen, Danforth etc
I'll dig out some old pictures...