Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I suppose I'd better...

...put up some uni work! Here are some drawings I have done over the Easter holiday for my next brief. Eventually I will be making an animation on 'Le Petomane' a french professional farter who performed at the Moulin Rouge during the late 19th century. He had an extraordinary talent in that he was able to "inhale" air through his rectum and then release it making all sorts of glorious noise, imitating anything from a virgin bride's nervousness before her wedding night to various wind instruments.

I've looked at other things to do with the era of 'Le Petomane' such as Art Nouveau and victorian fashion and photography, but what has interested me most is tattooed ladies. I stumbled upon a great book in Kidderminster library about the history of the tattooed lady and found some extraordinary imagery. Unfortunately, the book was on my mum's library card and Kidderminster now have it back. I fully intend on buying this book.

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