Monday, 12 April 2010

Ed and Deanna Templeton

I've just had a sick weekend, infact one of the best weekends I can remember.

Friday: After travelling to Milton Keynes to meet up with Georgie for a skate and to support her teaching girls (and me!) to skate, I headed back down to London. A rad lil' evening sesh at favourite spot Stockwell, then bed, a good night's rest for the raddest day to come.

Saturday: I went to the Ed Templeton 'Drinking the Kool-Aid' show, an exhibition with a load of his awesome photographs. After having a look round and getting butterflies in my stomach when seeing the image of Margaret Kilgallen's shadow, I headed upstairs for a book signing.

There were a few of his books for sale, all of which I want, but I brought my Beautiful Losers book for him to sign. I felt bad about this, but Ed didn't mind and made a comment expressing that he hoped people didn't feel they had to buy his books - what a dude! I then proceeded to ask him if he would draw on my arm...

Deanna, Ed's wife, is such a lovely lady. She took photos of me with both my arms, cast on the left, drawing on the right and then she gave me this tote bag from a previous show of Templeton's. You can see me modelling it in these pictures - Stoked!

Afterwards, I hung out with Sophie Allen and her friends Emma and Kate, who I met at the show. I had such a lovely afternoon with these lovely ladies and when it was home time for them I finished off my day at Stockwell before the long coach trip back to Bewdley...a happy bunny :)

*yessss i say 'lovely' a lot


Trainwreck said...

Hey, im from Spain, im skater for a long time ago and i like so much Ed, just, hello desde la costa este! desde el sur de Barcelona!

Alana said...


como estan?

muchos gracias for the comment. I am very sorry but I can't speak much Spanish.

I am a skater too and yes, Ed is great. I was so stoked to meet him.

thank you for lookng at my blog. I will keep in touch.

Alana x

jerome said...

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Sam Taylor: Skateboarder/Illustrator said...


maciek said...

awesome, i've just read about it at Ed's blog:)