Friday, 27 November 2009

I did a bit of drawing too

Even though the actual craft of this drawing is a bit wack, I still like it because of the felt tips and the use of the sketchbook cover. The drawing will also give me fond memories of skating up and down the promenade on Brooklyn with spectacular views of Manhattan.

Here are some crazy doodles of the busyness at the Museum of Modern Art, while I was waiting for my chums to emerge from the bookshop.

I got fed up of the Parade crowds so I left to get a coffee instead and whilst of was sipping away on my Starbucks Cappuccino, I drew the pretzel stand I could see from inside.

Walking around Central Park after the Thanks-giving Parade, I came across this dude playing Sax. Every time a child walked past, he interrupted his own playing by playing a children's tune such as 'Old Macdonald.' I thought that was sweet. This meant that I didn't mind people walking in front of me as I was drawing.

I was furiously trying to scribble kids playing in Central park and I came up with this piece of atrocious-ness. It does look much better now I've scanned it though.

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