Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Amsterdam, November 2013

Amsterdam, the last stop, was great fun! We explored the other side of the city (Amsterdam Noord), making use of the free ferry across the sea many times, where all the industrial bits and the skate park are! Skated the park twice, thanks to Nelly for getting us in early the second day - had the place to ourselves! That park has a chilled vibe even when it was busy... so spacious! Weather was wet and windy (Holland eh!) and want to go back sometime in the Springtime to take more photos of the beautiful architecture in the sunshine and to see Janetta and all the FSP Dutchies! Bought a huge woolly jumper (kept me warm in Helsinki and Tallinn this year) and met up with Janetta for breakfast. Nice one. Then homeward bound. Thank you Alex for making the trip even more incredible than it would have been without you.

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