Wednesday, 11 July 2012

So that was Mixed Special


Private View (Thursday) ...

My drunken photography (above and below) See how busy it was ! :P

 Mixed Special artists Brigid Deacon and Lucy Towle

Interest in my work!

Sunday Market...

Biscuit decorating workshop

I made this with some help from Vicky Willmott, who was running the biscuit decorating workshop.. RAD!

 I brought my folks to see the show on Sunday. We drove down from Bewdely and parked in the tiniest multi-storey carpark ever, just up the road from the Mixed Special show. Here is my mum 'appreciating the 'view' ... ah East London, what a place!

Tuesday, when I finally took some shots of the show...

Grace Helmer

Holly Mills

Emily McCarten

Team Brigid and Harriet!

Brigid Deacon

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