Monday, 26 March 2012

Peepshow Collective's museum of Objects and Origins


Peepshowers at their museum shop

Alongside other Camberwell students, I was fortunate to be asked by my second year tutor, Luke Best, to help out at Pick Me Up graphic arts fair with the running of the 'Museum of Objects and Origins,' a exhibition space curated by the Peepshow Collective.

'The museum of Objects and Origins is a collection of artefacts including drawings, objects, prints and costumes. Exhibition items from an invented past, the collection is also a living, growing display as themed workshops create new works to fill the cabinets.'

Peepshow are a group of artists formed to support and work with each other in the forms of illustration, animation and art direction. Peepshow are Chrissie Macdonald, Luke Best, Andrew Rae, Lucy Vigrass, Jenny Bowers, Miles Donovan, Pete Mellor, Marie O’Connor, Elliot Thoburn and Spencer Wilson.

Printing workshop at weekend

I've done two days so far and two more days to go and I'm stoked to be a part of this. Thank you Peepshow

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nice artwork!