Monday, 24 October 2011

Electric Wizard at Supersonic 2011

Had a reet good time at Supersonic, shredding the Ideal ramp, hanging out with Log and Stu, eating Japanese curry and letting my body get eaten up by the loudest, most disgusting music you could ever imagine. The Capsule ladies describe Electric Wizard them as 'perhaps the heaviest band in the world' with words like 'violent,' 'bleak,' 'ritualistic'... and that, they were. No need for illicit substance here as I recieved all the blissful poison I could possibly desire from this stoner metal sludery, penetrating through every offifice of mine, eating at my barely alive hypnotic corpse like state as dirty great guitar riffs swelled and pumped within my my veins. I'm surprised I didn't explode...

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