Monday, 29 August 2011

Out of Stock opening night

You can see my Tony Iommi print to the left of this photograph

My housemate, Rosie, and I came back on a quieter day.

So here are some photos from the opening night of Out of Stock. They are not very good pictures because I turned up to the show on my own, quite late and I was totally overwhelmed and vercome by the whole thing! So friggin' stoked though! Well anyway, I was so excited, I couldn't even take any decent pictures (not that I can ordinarily) and I completely forgot to take pics of my own work... so hopefully someone else did and i can get the images of them and put them up.

But yeah, what a show! Thanks to Toby Renton and Adam Johns for organising the show and letting me be involved.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled folks for more Out of Stock-ness to come...

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