Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I met Gonz

Photo taken by Nik Jones on the day

So as of a lot of you will already know, Mark Gonzales is in town and has been for a good few weeks now. I went upto the Adidas demo at the beginning of May, met him and gave him a zine. It felt like a really awkward situation as I was really nervous (I'd thought about it too much as I went with a plan to meet him and give him a copy of Brash) and he's just socially awkward anyway.... probably fed up with people bothering him and shoving zines in his hands! Well anyway, quite a bit star-struck, but stoked all the same.

I met him again a week later at Stockwell, and because I didn't know he was gonna be there, it was a lot better. I said hi, and he told me he read my zine and liked it. Rad. I showed him my (yet to be perfected) frontside carves around the bowl and it was all cool :) Apparently, French had texted him to come down for a skate. As If!

I'm making a comic strip about my experiences meeting Mark Gonsalez. It's only in it's early stages, but it should be good...probably will feature in the next issue of Brash


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