Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Ok everyone, Brash is finally finished and ready for all you dudes and dudettes to purchase...makes great bedtime reading! A screen-printed, risographed, photocopied, pull-out postered, skateboard-documenting, arty extravaganza featuring Bunny Bissoux, Georgie Winter, Kyle Platts, Brigid Deacon, Callum Abbot, Horse Zine James, Craig "Questions' Scott and more.

I am going to sell them at £2.50 in person (or zine fairs and the like) or £3.00 including p+p if you don't live near me. (I need to sort my paypal out first or you can send a cheque). Please email me on blossompossom@hotmail.com

Ziney goodness!!

Example of zine to be posted

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