Sunday, 28 November 2010

Aberdeen Ladies Art show Prints

So here are two of the three prints i sent up to Scotland. FIVER IF YOU WANT ONE (
Saw some footage of the Ladies skateboard series and those gals are so fucking dope. well bummed out i didn't get my lazy arse at least to Manchester (some sick video footage below) ...I am progressing with the ol' skateboarding tho so I should just give it a go at one of these competions. I dunno. Deffo go support the cause and rep the ladies even if i am shit and make a twat of myself. Well it doesn't matter anyway now as I've gone and rolled my ankle innit! First time as well, so proper feeling sorry myself. Well at least I can say this is a proper skateboard injury as I was trying rock 'n' rolls on the quarter at Stockwell and I've never tried them before. I was proper going for it as well 'cos I was being filmed....another first. No paint no gain I guess. C'mon harriet, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Go to bed and wake up tomorrow feeling refreshed :)

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