Sunday, 17 October 2010

Board on Sunday

So today I had an epicly productive Sunday, got up and watced Flight of the Conchords (well into that right now) and then started painting a deck I found at South Bank...well actually, I think I nicked from some guy who had already found it, but he forgave me 'cos I'm a girl.' It makes me wonder, but what if I wasn't a girl, just some skanky skater brat, would he fight me for it or something? I'd be well up for fighting him and I bet I'd win, instead I told him to 'check out my blog'...proper Harriet style...since he already tried getting my number, facebook and email address! Well anyway, this board painting is for you matey! You can't actually have it though.

I went to see Black Mountain and The Black Angels play last week and they were proper rad! I was so stressed and had bad energy then so it was soooo goood just to see some live music. I unleashed my demons and had a reet mosh....I tell you no lie...i was thrashin' pushin' all the stinky men around, i was just like Fuck this, I don't even care, dancing and throwing my 6day old greasy yellow hair about....whatever.

This is the product of the gig on the skateboard from the pencil drawing that I did after the gig I went to and moshed.

Thanks to Callum my lovley house mate for modelling the mosh monster deck :)

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