Monday, 27 September 2010

There's a new favourite skater on the cards - WATCH THIS!

Jason Adams is rad. Fact. I love this guy's style, he is so lanky and uncoordinated, but it works! So so sick. Cheers Matt for telling me about him


Matt Wes said...

best bean plants around. also slappys.

William said...

Yeah!!!! He's amazing. I love all the wallrides and slappies. Siiick.He came to stockwell once about 5 years ago. he was absolutely ripping. I was such a star-stuck skate geek I went up to him and said "oh my god, are you Jason Adams!" and he flinched a little at, I suppose, how overzealous I was being and responded "yeah, whats your name?" and shook my hand. he was very nice and down to earth, defusing my star-struckness. Great guy.