Thursday, 18 March 2010

Morning life

I woke up early this morning, made myself a coffee, sat down at my computer and turned to my window to find out how much my flower had wasn't like this yesterday! I bought this plant on last week at Morrisons. I think it is one of those gift ones that was meant to be for mother's day, but I didn't see my mum on mother's day :( I did make her a rad painting of Margaret Killgallen though, but thus hasn't arrived yet-gutted as I sent it first class on friday. That sucks, my broken wrist sucks and so does living in halls (you can see the lovely view I got behind the flower) but with all that shit, this flower made me smile this morning. I bought it when there was no flower on it! Amazing how things grow, I love the spring!

I also watched this film last night with Cat, instead of drawing, but it was well worth it. A fucking long film , but it had me gripped the whole time. A gnarly car crash that connects people that wouldn't have necessarily been connected, sounds like it's been done before, but i think this was the first film to do it. check it out. thanx caleb for lending it :)

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