Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Object: Judas Cradle

These are the first few pictures for the object brief where I have to find a chair and reseach it and draw stuff about it.

I have chosen the Judas Cradle torture Chair, in which you wore an iron belt attached to rope and you were hoisted into the air. You were then lowered down and the point of the pyramid was i nserted into your vagina or anus as a form of torture. You might have been rocked on the chair causing excruciating pain or lowered up and down so there was different pressures causing equally as much pain. Sometimes, you might have been hoisted up for the night and the torture continued in the morning, prolonging your life that little bit extra so you could experience more pain.

This incredible equipment was designed in the Medieval era by the Spanish Inquisition and was used to torture you if you were not devolt Catholic or were against the Catholic church in anyway. So people like Jews and suspect witches would have definitely had a little go on this chair. Groosssss!

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Urahara said...

I did not expect the spanish inquisition!!

love it!